Dearest Allelon

Dearest Allelon

Let me say it even before you know words are made of alphabets

that I’m sorry that you were born in this world where beauty is all that matters.

It’s about fair skin, doe eyes and mesmerizing smile, long locks with voice of angels to stun
And you are so beautiful that it hurts me to know. Somewhere, along the way, there will be people telling you that you’re not.

I can’t shelter you from that. Society is so cruel to those who aren’t pretty. I’m a living proof but yet I’m still standing tall

Here’s the thing, precious little one

You are loved so deeply, that even before there was a thought of you, a plan has already made.

So when you heard somebody makes fun of how you look, how you are so different from them they oughta ask you what color is your race, or why are you so dark when you’re supposed to be white, or how they can do better than you
Embrace it

Don’t be something you’re not meant to be; conforming to their petty standard
Let me tell you: they’re not going anywhere, you are.

You will go so far in this life, that the day you got hurt into thinking that you’re no better will fade away.

Promise me this: when they tell you you are not pretty, or whenever they turn their back on you cause of how you look, read a book from cover to cover.

Learn something new, step out of that shadow of doubt.

Write your hearts out, listen to hella good music (your Pa can show you tons).

Cry, then laugh, then cry again, see the rain.

Tell me all about your dreams and deepest fears.

Tell me why you think you can do something, and how bad he has treated you; I will hate him with you, but I will teach you how to forgive.

And then go out, I want you to see the world, because when you’re loaded with experiences, nothing so unimportant like looks and judgments will get into you.

Be kind, be mind if you think something is wrong.

Love someone, but never ever trade best friends with fortunes or romances.

Cause when you find people that just get it, they’re there for a reason, and you better find out what that is.

Don’t settle for guys, find a man who will cry upon your absence and support you even if that means he needs to change, cause love changes, adjusts, according to what should be a complete set of puzzles.

Make just one impact for every year of your life, steps the ladder of faith to the dreams you’ve had in your pretty little head. I will tell you today and tomorrow, even the day after: it will suck so bad when you have a dream. It will drain you out, leave you hopeless and tempt you to take the easy way, but the gain will be worth the pain. So, hang in there, you got this.

Pray, even when you don’t have anything to say. God is your ray.

I want you to know that because of you, I got one thing right in this cruel world of looks parade.

I love you, always.

From your 24 year old Ma.

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