Morning Person

The extension of my soul You are The littlest ray of sunshine that has made my waking up means something Be sleepy my soul, for night dust loses its charm when it comes to your rare smile A quiet dawn of us two, a dance of feeding Your skin meets my heartbeat Never skip a … More Morning Person

Why I Need to Accomplish Something on the Side to Survive Motherhood

To love me a little bit more As a wife and probably a mother, there’s one thing we are all guilty of feeling: undeserved. We think that having time to ourselves equals selfishness. We think we must be all in taking care of our children and restoring the order of our house, no help the … More Why I Need to Accomplish Something on the Side to Survive Motherhood

Laid Open, Dissected

Women are openings Gate that opens, closes, breaks, rewired all over again Women are hunting fields A Scarlet letter of projected persona Objectified and heavily relied, often forgotten Women are tongue-tied hurricane They bury and pile up all they can “Because someone needs to run the water” Trading blame game with poetry at the dawn … More Laid Open, Dissected

First and Foremost

They say you should find something that sets your soul on fire Baby, instead of setting your soul on fire, find something that heals Not only your soul but your broken view of the world Make it your therapy, make it your escape Bleed creativity to feel whole and healed


I’m a church roof with leaks in its corners, my wail is washed with the sound of rain, the end of the monsoon My body, is a space station, experimenting ways to open its door to waves of space shuttles to arrive and take off This is not how metaphor heals, or what it brings, … More Arrival