A List of What Most Men Assume Wrong about Their Fellow Human Being

We human beings, we love to judge. I, for one, love to see other women’s legs and compared it to my flabby legs, thinking what length of pain they must do to get into a certain shape though probably they were born that way. I can’t help it, I want dat leg. But, I don’t go into this mode all the time. There will be time that I just want to be; all flabby, and shutting down all my surroundings. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case in this one.

I shared a Facebook video about a man who traveled all the way form Australia to Croatia in a quest to surprise his girlfriend who was wishing she’s vacationing with him. All awws and sweetness aside, I put a rather harmless caption saying that this man must have a lot of money, in which prompted a friend commented, “What if the man flew across the ocean just to find the woman in bed with some hot Croatian dude?”, to which I replied, “I was thinking sharks should be involved,” since there’s a lot of sea activities going on in the video. All harmless and friendly banters between girl friends.

Then, another friend jumped in, started giving a harmless remark about how he could see where these comments are going and found it funny. I replied, “Yeah, this won’t happen in real life, amiright?”, but then he responded something about how it’s in women nature to get jealous. I explained to him it’s not in our nature and I wasn’t showing that I want this, to which he said that jealousy can also be manifested in other form, like a defense mechanism.

I supposed I was wrong for explaining, and I shouldn’t be bothered. Just let him be. Well, note taken. In the future, I will remember this and use my words for something far more useful.

But, thanks to him, it got me thinking. What else do men mostly generalize about us women?

  1. Women easily get jealous of another woman

But so do all human beings. How is it possible it only happens to those with vaginas? Don’t tell me those with dicks don’t get to feel the stings of inequality and pettiness that are human nature?

2. If a woman is crankier than she normally is, she’s on her period

You don’t get this entirely wrong, but sometimes we’re not bleeding and we only need to make things straight. Like the time you assume it must be the time of the month when it’s not. Plus, try bleeding when you need to work and meet other people, or when you need to sit your kid, cook, drive, shop, breathe, basically, live.

3. If it takes a long time for a car to park, the driver must be a woman

Please, like you’re the king of parking lot. I don’t have a sense of direction that well; heck I can’t even drive, but that doesn’t mean other women do, too.

4. Middle-aged women on motorcycles are the worst

This probably only occurs in my country, and sometimes it’s true, too. Some women drive and forget to turn the safety light before they make a turn. But, how is it applied to every woman on the planet? What about those badass women drive a bike for a living?

5. Women can’t use logic as well as the guys, it’s in their nature to feel more

Which makes women; basically and collectively, more advanced human beings than most of you lots.

Credit: headlesswomen.tumblr.com

6. When women stand up and say something about what she believes in, she’s bitchy

Credit: gurl.com

Aahh…a classic favorite. Maybe, it’s a result of too many “boys don’t cry, those who do are girls” propaganda in your childhood memories so it works the other way around? Which part of it that makes it work as “girls who say something right and loud are chatty and bitchy?”

7. When the choices women make go slightly off the track just because she wants so

Credit: elle.com

Like if she doesn’t want to build a family, but she’s taken more families around the world with the lives she’s touched, it means she disappoints her family? There are so many other cases of women rebel against the society’s common conception, in which I don’t always approve as well. Simply put, respecting everybody equally despite of their personal choices should be a main concern all the time.

8. When women do what women normally do, she’s suggestive or asking for attention

Credit: xojane.com

If she’s wearing a tighter skirt to the office, it does not say “a comment field”. You bet she’s only wearing it because it’s newly bought, and she just feels good about herself. Yes, we’re asking for attention, but certainly not the degrading one, not the one where your fantasy can run wild with. I’ve heard compliments before, and I can assure you that women can always tell which one is sincere and not pervy, and which one is the opposite.

9. Women are nagging, it’s in their nature. Those who don’t, well, they’re different.

We nag if there’s a need to nag. After all, we’re a daughter of a father, and our parents can tell us better if we nag. Whatever, doesn’t make it okay to think that when we nag it is because we’re women, and women nag.

10. A pompous woman is someone who shows off their brains and just won’t let it go

Sometimes, we’re scared to express what we think because we don’t like the result of your mind afterwards. We’d rather play it safe and let it go. I do, too, mainly because I hate conflicts and I tend to be afraid of what others might think of me, I don’t like being referred to as proud and Ms. know-it-all. Sadly, it becomes clearer that not everybody would stand up for women as much as they do for men, and it’s women’s voice that they can rely on. Thanks for those guys who stood up for women when they can’t because humanity isn’t so cold after all. You still need to pass that wisdom on to so many guys who thinks women should be quiet or that our opinions are secondary.

Credit: ellecosimano.tumblr.com

These by far are the ones I can think of. If there’s more and you happen to read to this point, you can chime in and add on these.


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