Superiority Kills


Everybody in their own life chances and challenges will be a superior of something at some point, and there’s no doubt about it. It is a foolish thing to reject a chance to lead, let alone to apply leadership although there’s no title or position that society will count on. Then again to see it from a personal perspective, we all are a leader of something despite titles or labels. So, a natural thing to do for a person is to take the lead, and it really doesn’t matter what the psychological test on paper describes about you (you know, the usual I-am-sanguine-extrovert-kinda thing)

So what happens when the titular thing leaves us no option but to take it? I personally think that it’s poisonous. It’s a poison that you voluntarily invite to bite you and do nothing to prevent it from spreading. You’re now vulnerable to be cocky.

Well, to be fair, I always see the opportunity to lead as the opportunity to be cocky anyway, because why else you “get the job” if it’s not because you’re capable of doing so? But even worse than being cocky, I realized that being superior is the ultimate sin and shame. Why so? Yeah you can always get cocky, you can feel it crawling up your skin, but you can choose to turn it down a notch or let it eat you up, which is an equal to being superior.


The truth is, nobody is superior. Nobody is above anyone else just because some regulations or stratification justifies so. We are all pretty much the same, and labels are what has been dividing us and putting us one step of stair above another or vice versa. Yes, there might be a better position, a better job, something to pursue. But to be more and more superior, just show how far you’ve failed your own character. To sum it up, superiority kills.

When you start to see yourself rightful and fight to show so, you’re being superior. When you start thinking, heck, ‘I can do better than him/her’, instead of ‘I can do better than this’, you’re being superior. When you start showing (oh yes, because you will show it) that ‘I can be humble’ and announcing it from the top of the mountain, you’re not being humble; you’re superior. When you try to care, but you know you don’t give any shit, and you just care about how everyone would see you on the surface and how the hell it will make you look good, you’re being superior. Newsflash; when there’s so much “I” in one sentence in a conversation you’re engaged in, people will start to fall out of attention. Instead of being listened, you will be impact-less.


It’s so easy to feel superior. On day to day basis, there are tons of opportunity to feel that just because you’re getting a better opportunity, you come from a society-approved races, or religions, or gender, you’re above the others. So, how to shield yourself and keep it humble? I can’t think of anything else then to think of other people more than ourselves, that’s the way to do it. No matter what you pursue or what you believe in, people matters. They matter more than you do, they’re there to co-exist, and to be served. As cliche as it may sound, it’s the basic thing to do when it comes to other people.

Treat people nicely. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Point out their mistakes in a nicer way. Yes, you are indeed smarter and even a step further than most people, but you can choose to not being hoity toity about it. Life’s too precious to be missed out just because you can’t help yourselves to show how you’re more accomplished and more rightful than most people. Come on, we’re better than a mere snobbery.


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