A Guide for Guys on How to Not Rape

Credit: pixabay.com

Start by not saying all the things you have crossing your mind about women. No matter how flattering you think it is, saying things like how women look or should look is not helping, at all. It is comments like “I like your skirt today” or “You look pretty when you smile” that can start a further inappropriate thought that practically is a ticking time bomb, waiting for explosion of lust that makes indecent guys wanting to “stick it so it doesn’t hurt wanting”. Wanting it where it doesn’t belong is wrong.

Start by really thinking about it twice, before you measure whether we have got along pretty well for you to say “where should I let it out”. No, even with whatever complicated past you got with the woman, it doesn’t justify you to say something so petty in a joking context. It is never going to be funny. It is funny how you think that would ever bring a laugh to whomever it’s said.

Start by remembering your mother, your sister, your best female friend, your daughter, your aunts, heck, even your grandmothers! Would you say something like that to someone you love? Would you do something so degrading to these women? Well, what difference does it make when the women aren’t your next of kin? It’s a basic human decency, and not having one is a proof that you should question your humane being.

Credit: pixabay.com

Start by contemplating your long history of living as men, and what deeds had you done that acknowledged women as your fellow humans, not some walking mannequins with breasts to check out, butts to be whistled at on streets, or clothes to be ripped out and pushed on beds in your wildest of imaginations. It’s so easy to look at beautiful women and forget that they, too, have opinions, voices, and thoughts that need to be heard and given chances upon. It is men like these who think they can do it all, get anyone they want, that helps ruining the equal paths everybody should experience.

Maybe you’re afraid, that if women aren’t silenced, they turned out better than the society’s expectation, or worse, your expectation. Well, aren’t that just how women have been proven time to time again? That we’re better. We’re stronger. We’re brighter. We’re faster. We’re the future. We’re not a product of mere limited expectation. What we want, we achieve, and to think that it must have something to do with men involving to help us along, is just low.

Credit: pixabay.com

This is not an act of extreme feminism, and this is not against any patriarchal system that has been built in eastern cultures since ages. This is just a thought, that if guys start now to treat women like they’re not a second class human being, there will be less and less news about how under aged women are being molested. How even as grandmothers, some sicko, uneducated bastards would have the nerves to rape. How women can’t go anywhere without being told how to dress or what time should they stop walking alone. How any age of any kind of woman is not safe. How there’s no real policy that protects women more than the different sections for men and women in a freaking train.

So, like not pressing enough on the issue of so called “rape culture”, start by swallowing your dirty minds and not letting it be consumed by other people, or worse, inspiring other guys to think like the way you think about women. The basic of the basics is still, “If it’s not nice and you don’t mean it, don’t say it, don’t even think about it”. What rights that put your thoughts about some girl’s body shape in a more relevancy instead of that same girl’s thought on fighting for their safety walking alone on streets after working for 8–10 straight hours?

Just freakin’ start, guys. Do better, because some time in the future, you can father a little girl, and to think of how the world around her is ready to maul her the second she opens the door of fighting for her dream is just sick and unsettling.

Credit: avoiceformen.com

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